CRR UK offers training for those aspiring to build better relationships and have a bigger impact in the world.

With Organisational and Relationship Systems (ORSC) Coach training programme you will learn the skills to build bridges, between people, organisations and their ambitions. You will also have the tools to enable a culture of honesty, directness and fairness by expertly working with relationship systems in a new way.

It’s experiential learning gives you immediate skills, tools and concepts to work with teams, groups and pairs.

Who takes these courses?

Those working in organisations/companies wanting to increase their coaching and leadership skills to impact culture and deliver on goals.

Coaches, Mediators and Therapists wanting to up-skill. They are looking to develop relationship coaching expertise to skilfully work with teams, groups or pairs (e.g. business partners or married couples).


ORSC is a ground breaking model for coaching in organisations, groups, teams, partnerships and couples. Whether your speciality is in corporate work, partnerships or personal relationships, this relationship systems model will give you key skills, tools and concepts to work with and impact how your clients work and live with others.

The breakthrough paradigm is holding the relationship (system) as the client, rather than each individual involved in the system.

The ORSC training consists of five modules, followed by Certification. There are also standalone courses.

  • ORSC Introduction
    (First step)
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  • ORSC 4 module series
    (next steps)
    Module 2 | INTELLIGNECE
    Module 3 | GEOGRAPHY
    Module 4 | PATH
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  • Other
    (stand alone)
    Bespoke Training
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