About the Community


We are a welcoming group of people with great enthusiasm for coaching from a systemic perspective. We try not to get too evangelical about it, but we do think the approach is pretty special!

Maybe you’ve completed the ORSC curriculum but don’t yet feel confident with your skills. Perhaps you want to try something out before doing it ‘for real’ with a client. Or you’re curious about what ORSC might offer you, and want to find out more before you sign up for the training programme.

Whatever your interest, the ORSC UK Community is here for you.

What we stand for

Our vision:

A vibrant, positive and supportive community in the UK that enables ORSC practitioners to flourish as they do their world work.

Our mission:

Enabling system workers to master the ORSC approach in coaching for right relationship.

How we organise

Evening meetings in London

Every month, two presenters with varying degrees of experience of ORSC, co-create a session around one or more ORSC tools, and present it to an audience of 25 or so interested people. It’s a safe space in which the presenters can experiment and take risks, knowing that the audience is supportive, engaged and willing to share experiences.

We learn. We explore. We try new things. And we laugh a lot along the way.

“I learned so much about process and content – it really upped my game. It’s a great experience working closely with another community member and SO much fun. And there’s the support you get from the steering group, which was the exact right level.”

— Carole Adams (Co-presenter)

Virtual ORSC (VORSC)

For many people getting to London for an evening event is just not practical. So to spread the reach of the community and provide opportunities to practise that don’t involve travelling, VORSC was born. But it’s about more than convenience. We want to encourage ORSC practitioners to develop virtual ORSC skills and to be inspired to use them to enhance their coaching offer.

Every two months, two presenters/facilitators and up to 14 participants meet for a two-hour Zoom session. For the presenters, it’s an opportunity to be creative and experimental in using ORSC tools with a virtual group. And for the participants, it’s a chance not only to learn more about ORSC tools, but also to see how they can work virtually and to experience what it’s like to be a ‘client’ online.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups have emerged in response to people wanting to be more skilled in using a particular process, or to explore how to promote ORSC in a particular context. Their events happen every 2-3 months and are open to anyone in the community with a minimum of two days of ORSC training. Currently, the SIGs are:

— Systemic Constellations

— Deep Democracy

— ORSC in the education sector

Steering Group 

Behind all this activity, a Steering Group meets monthly to review recent events and to plan and co-ordinate future meetings and activities.

How to become part of the Community

We want to meet you! Will you join us?

Our closed Facebook group is where ORSC enthusiasts reflect on Community events, request help, publicise activities that support mastery of ORSC, and share their experiences. Just navigate to the ORSC UK Facebook page and ask to join.

Connect on Facebook

Alternatively, send a quick email to one of the Steering Group and ask to be added to the ORSC UK Community mailing list. We’ll keep in touch with you about what’s happening with the community and you’ll receive invitations to events.

Email Steering Group

Whether you are already a seasoned ORSC-er or you don’t yet know what it’s all about, you will receive a very warm welcome at any of our events.

Meeting Schedule

2019 Standard Events

April – Wednesday 17th
May – Monday 13th
June – Tuesday 11th
July – Wednesday 10th

All 2019 events will be held at Remark Events in Leather Lane