Next Community Event: November 12, 2018

“Creating islands of sanity in a sea of chaos” Meg Wheatley 2017

The world we live in feels chaotic in so many ways and the organisations we work with are both complex and complicated. During times like these we, and the people we work with, search for meaning and connection in our work. We are searching for our place in the world and our unique contribution to it.

As we work with relationships, we are increasingly doing Worldwork; we are creating community and positively reconnecting people through relationship. But what does Worldwork really mean for us and our sense of purpose? What are we dreaming up about it? Perhaps the term fills us with inspiration, responsibility, or even pressure.

We invite you to join us, Jen Parkin and Vanessa Anstee, to unfold your relationship with Worldwork and reveal what it means for you personally and as a community. We will introduce and guide you through the practical application of unfolding tools and techniques to support a deeper, revealing connection to your sense of purpose. Unfolding is a core ORSC technique that supports individuals and groups to connect with wisdom that is present but isn’t yet conscious or in focus.

Taking inspiration from Meg Wheatley’s concept of ‘warriorship for the human spirit’, we want to act as warriors for your unique human spirit and in doing so explore the deeper meaning in ORSC work.

You’ll leave with…

  • New wisdom about what world work means for you, through experiencing and applying some ORSC tools and core skills that help us to connect with its essence.
  • A deeper connection with the community through a shared experience
  • Renewed energy and a sense of purpose for whatever Worldwork means for you
  • Unfolding techniques to support you in your worldwork with others

Venue: Lankelly Chase, Princeton Street, WC1R 4BH

Times: Please arrive at 6.30pm for nibbles and chat before a prompt start at 7pm.

Costs: £10 plus £1.07 admin fee, to cover room and refreshments.

Pre-requisite to attend: None – it’s for ORSC practitioners at any stage of the ORSC training – and interested guests too!

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We look forward to seeing you there!

(on behalf of the ORSC UK Community)

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