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We deliver powerful, systems-based training for coaches, facilitators, consultants, trainers, therapists and counsellors. We also work with teams and organisations aspiring to build better relationships and have a greater impact in the world. Through experiential learning, we provide the concepts, skills and tools for anyone to work with groups or pairs, in radically new and effective ways. Our Courses
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ORS@Work, April 11-12 2019, London

Your questions answered
  • Who are these courses for?

    Our course attract a diverse group. Past participants have included:

    – HR, Organisational Development and Learning & Development professionals
    – Team leaders and Heads of Department
    – Directors, CEOs and CFO’s
    – Agile Coaches,. Scrum Masters
    – Project Managers & Culture Change Consultants
    – Head teachers
    – Executive coaches
    – Life coaches
    – Therapists
    – Mediators and facilitators

    Whether you represent an organisation, perhaps looking to develop internal coaching and leadership skills, or you’re already a coaching practitioner, and want to up-skill to expand your client base, ORSC training enables you to develop relationship coaching expertise.

    ORSC training is invaluable for anyone who needs to work skilfully with others, be it teams, groups, partners or couples.

  • What are the benefits of this training?

    ORSC is a ground-breaking model for any sort of coaching application, from organisations, groups, teams and partnerships, to families or couples.  The ORSC approach is invaluable for anyone who wants to help themselves and others to build better relationships.

    Our training is tool-rich and tool-intensive.  You’ll learn how to use the ORSC principles and practice to

    – understand group dynamics
    – manage change
    – tackle and overcome conflict
    – improve communication
    – align differences and increase positivity
    – boost creativity and productivity, to achieve shared goals

    Whether you’re a professional coach, a consultant, an organisational head, HR professional, group or team leader, the ORSC concepts and tools are absolutely designed to benefit you.

  • What’s the difference between ORS@Work and Fundamentals?

    Both our introductory courses are based on the same set of skills and principles.

    Fundamentals is geared more toward personal coaching, therapy, or social work applications.

    ORS@Work has been designed specifically for OD, HR, business coaching or consulting applications.

    In ORS@Work scenarios are contextualised specifically for the workplace. Participants in ORS@Work are generally managers, team leaders, or HR/OD staff.

    In Fundamentals, participants experience the tools from both a business and personal perspective.

    Either course works as standalone training, or as the first module of the five required to attain ORSC certification.

  • Can I study ORSC modules in any order?

    No. The ORSC course is a series of five modules and each module is a prerequisite for the next. Each must be taken in sequential order because the content follows on and builds.

    The order of study to achieve ORSC​ certification is:

    #1  Fundamentals or  ORS@Work
    #2  Intelligence
    #3  Geography
    #4  Path
    #5  Systems Integration

    However, course modules may be taken at any time (and in any country or city) of your choosing.

  • Is there a discounted or package rate for ORSC training?

    Yes. We offer a package discount if you book Modules 2 to 5 of the ORSC series as a package.

    The ORSC introductory module is £695 (excl. VAT).

    If you decide to complete all five modules of the series, on a pay as you go basis, each subsequent course stage (Modules 2-5) will cost £1,480 (excl. VAT). This brings the total cost to complete all five modules of the ORSC series to £6,615.

    This option, whilst more expensive, offers the most flexibility. You are free to pick and choose when and where you study each of the five modules. You’ll just need to pay your per module fee, 30 days before the start of each module.

    However, if you’re confident you want to become an ORSC-certified practitioner, then block-booking Modules 2-5 may be the more cost-effective option.

    We offer a discounted rate of £4,920 (excl. VAT) when you advance book places on Modules 2-5. As a package, this represents a saving of £1,000. You will need to agree at the time of booking when, from the available dates, you will attend each module. All modules must be attended in sequence and in London.


    Please note: if you book and pay for the five-module ORSC series before attending a Module 1 course, then decide not to continue the series, we will cancel your booking and refund the balance of your fees (£5,415 less £695) without penalty. All you need do is request a refund in writing, within 30 days of your Module 1 course completion.

  • What participants say
    • “It has opened my eyes to a new way of being, of coaching and of living. There has been a lot of discovery and I am truly grateful.”
      Charlie Hodgson | Coach & former England rugby player
    • “ORS@Work provides highly useful exercises based upon a solid theoretical model. The exercises facilitate better collaboration and are powerful levers for initiating and sustaining change initiatives.”  
      Monique Valcour, PhD | Executive & Corporate Coach & Consultant  
    • “This course gives you a great overview of the systems approach and some practical tools that you can immediately take away and apply to your working context. Would definitely recommend.”…
      Ruth Roberston | OD/HR Professional
    • “I have been coaching and consulting with organisations for over 25 years.  CRR Global has the most practical, impactful and accessible models and tools I have ever experienced.”  
      William Adams | CEO, Full Circle Group
    • "a two day experiential master class on relationship system coaching.  I feel I've discovered how to better understand both personal and professional relationships and actively create a space for engagement."…
      Eva Fernández Jordana | Manager
    • "the ORSC approach is for anyone who values relationships and would like help build better ones. All the tools can be applied with powerful impact to both personal and professional relationships.”…
      Eve Holt | Lawyer & Coach