From the boardroom to the living room, relationships matter.

Whatever work we do, we are always in relationship. Through ORSC training we learn the concepts, skills and tools to be more effective with others.

What is ORSC?

We are all part of many different systems. In our organisations, our teams, our families, our intimate relationships and the wider society.

Everything is interconnected. If something changes in one area of a system, it will have effects in places that often we won’t expect.

ORSC is a methodology that combines ‘systems thinking’ with coaching. By becoming an ORSC practitioner, you will become aware of your own impact on the bigger picture and be able to consciously design your relationships. You will learn an invaluable set of tools to coach others to do the same.

The Five Modules of ORSC

All ORSC journeys begin with either the Fundamentals or ORS@Work module.  Both introductory courses are based on the same set of skills and principles.  Fundamentals is geared more toward personal coaching, therapy, or social work applications.  ORS@Work is designed specifically with HR, OD, LD, business coaching or consulting in mind.

  1.  Fundamentals or ORS@Work — teaches five key ORSC tools, including how to coach the Third Entity.
  2.  Intelligence — provides a robust toolkit for increasing emotional resilience in the face of change.
  3.  Geography — explores how to recognise and nurture the structures of relationships.
  4.  Path — explores how to create a shared vision and a strategic plan for achieving it.
  5.  Systems Integration — brings all the pieces together and provides a learning space to hone skills.

The subsequent four courses in the series must be studied in sequential order, as content layers and builds with each module. On completion of the five modules, students may choose to pursue ORSC certification.

Whatever work we do, we are always in relationship. Through ORSC training we learn the concepts, skills and tools to be more effective with others.

Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) is an innovative and powerful coaching model based on Relationship Systems Intelligence.  A ‘relationship system’ is any interdependent group of people, sharing a common identity or function.  Psychologists might refer to a ‘collective consciousness’.  Business consultants might talk about a ‘corporate culture’.  Therapists would likely address ‘family dynamics’.  All are ways of referring to what we call the Third Entity.

Relationship Systems Intelligence

The three types of intelligence graphic
We’ve all known a time — maybe on a sports team, or working in a project group — where for a while our individual egos melded into something much greater.  When true creative synergy occurred.

That being ‘in the zone’ together? That’s the experience of systems intelligence.

Beyond Emotional Intelligence (the relationship with oneself) and Social Intelligence (our relationships with others) we hit on Relationship Systems Intelligence.  It’s when our focus shifts to the relationship with the group, team or system.

Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching

Organisations and teams will often experience a lack of Relationship Systems Intelligence as any of the following:

  dysfunctional or toxic communication patterns
  low group morale
  conflict avoidance, or poor conflict resolution
  low creativity, productivity or team synergy
  ineffective or confusing communication
  role confusion, or poorly occupied roles

When we can make the paradigm shift, from engaging individuals, to recognising and working with the Third Entity, a whole new world of opportunities emerges.  Improving our Relationship Systems Intelligence catalyses the capacity of the group to move beyond the personal, to a powerfully productive group identity.

Whatever we may have already learned about coaching, facilitation or leadership, it becomes even more effective when coupled with ORSC principles.

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